How To Tan A Deer Hide Easy

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Apply a second coat of tanning oil after 30 minutes. Deer,deer hide tanning at home this video goes over how to tan a deer hide and other hide,s easy as aa bb cc part c goes over pickling your deer hide and tan.

Follow These Hide-tanning Steps Complete With Time Requirements And Tool Recommendations To Create Your Own Beautiful Hi How To Tan Deer Hide Tanning Deer Hide

You can substitute ammonia alum for vinegar if you prefer.

How to tan a deer hide easy. Cover the entire hide with plastic sheeting and let stand over night. Cure the deer with salt if the hide will not be tanned within a day of its killing. You’ll want to soak the bran flakes in approximately half the amount of water you’ll be using.

Next, dissolve 8 ounces of salt and 4 ounces of baking soda in a half gallon of water then slowly pour the two mixtures together and stir strongly. Skin the deer and bone out the tail. For a fallow deer about 12 eggs are required per hide, well mixed with water in a ratio of about 4 parts water to 1 part egg.

Keep soaking and squeezing the water out until it’s really soft (don’t wring out the hide). While the hide is soaking, you can start mixing the tanning solution. Soak the hide in cool water until soft, changing the water often.

Soak the hide in a solution containing 4 pounds of ammonia alum and 4 gallons of water. A sharpened soup spoon makes an excellent alternative to a dull knife. Rub the salt into the flesh, and apply more salt in two to three days when the first application is.

If you removed the fur from the hide, you will need to apply the brain paste to both sides of the hide. This is typically deer or sheep skin, tanned through a conditioning process and stripped of all hairs. To salt alum tan a deer hide prepare a tanning solution by dissolving one pound of aluminum or potash in one gallon of water.

Let the hide sit in the solution for four days before removing it, rinsing it and proceeding to work the leather. Use a soft brush to apply a coat of the tanning oil onto the hide. I soak the hides in this solutions for three to four days.

Scrape every particle of fat and flesh from the hide with a knife. With a hide where the hairs are kept on it is best to apply the solution with a sponge or cloth until it soaks in. A 10 gallon plastic garbage can works well.

Begin the tanning process or preserve it with a generous layer of non. Soaking times vary but don’t soak it too long. Using alum, pickling salt and h2o, casanova shows you a simple method on tanning animal hides.

Warm the tanning oil in a pot on a stovetop. We made up one pot of egg solution. How to tan a deer hide the easy way buckskin:

Make a pickle bath in a plastic tub using equal parts distilled white vinegar and water plus two pounds of salt per gallon of solution (a typical deer hide requires about four gallons).

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