How To See Your Spotify Wrapped Story

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This feature is not available on the web. If it doesn’t greet you when opening the app, you can search for “spotify:special:2021” from the search tab.


How you can see spotify wrapped?

How to see your spotify wrapped story. Alternatively, look for the “wrapped 2021” card from the search tab in spotify. Again, on any of the slides of your personal presentation, just select the share this story button at the bottom and then choose download image, which is further down in the list. The summary is only available on the spotify mobile app, so you will have to log in there to see it.

Visit insider's tech reference library for more stories. To access your wrapped playlist, tap the “your 2021 wrapped” banner on the main screen. Tap on the 'your 2021 wrapped' banner that pops on the screen to access the playlist.

From there, you can click on your wrapped story or. On the home screen, tap the your 2021 wrapped banner to access your wrapped playlist. There you will see a card with the hashtag.

You can find your spotify wrapped 2021 by going to your home page on the spotify app. Simply open the spotify app on your iphone, and you should see a banner to view your ‘2021 wrapped.’. Tap on the ‘see how you listened in 2021’ card to view your 2021 wrap.

You can only view your wrapped 2021 results using the spotify app for iphone, ipad, and android. If you don’t see the same thing, type “wrapped” into the search bar and the banner should appear. Once spotify wrapped 2021 is released, you should be able to see it when opening the app.

This will save the graphic to your camera roll instead of automatically sharing it. Launch the spotify mobile app for android or ios. Then you’ll be taken to spotify wrapped “story.” you’ll be.

Alternatively, go to , which should open up the wrapped screen inside your spotify for ios or. You can find your spotify wrapped story and playlists both in the mobile app and on the spotify website. If that doesn’t happen, you can also access it from the homepage, which should have a colorful banner that says “2021 wrapped” — or, you can simply type the same phrase.

Spotify's 2021 wrapped categories include: Spotify is taking things up a notch in 2021. Not only will you find a playlist, but you'll also get a short video clip that pairs your top songs with classic movie scenes.

Your top artists, top genres, most listened to songs, podcasts and minutes listened. Tapping into the senses, spotify also decided to work with an expert to visualize your audio aura based on your music moods. If you don’t see it, put “wrapped” into the search box and.

First, open safari and click on the spotify wrapped 2021 web page. This will bring you to the wrapped 2021 landing page. There are also spotify wrapped banners on your home.

If that doesn’t happen, you can also access it from the homepage, which should have a colorful banner that says “2021 wrapped” — or, you can simply type the same phrase. The first thing you see on the home screen should be your spotify wrapped results. How to look at your spotify wrapped 2021.

Once you have done this there should be a button that says 'download spotify'. If you want to see your personal spotify wrapped you'll need to go on the app. If you search for ‘wrapped 2021’ in the search bar, you may see a lot of random playlists appear.

You can also see your audio aura based on your listening habits, and the feature even reveals the three songs that will soundtrack specific moments in a movie about your life. To check your customised playlist, here are the steps you need to follow. Tap “see how you listened in 2021” to get started.

On the spotify app click the home icon and you should see the option to view your 2021 spotify wrapped. Head over to the spotify app, since this feature is exclusively on mobile (though you can search your top songs playlist on desktop, and. The playlist can also be viewed by simply searching 'wrapped' in the search bar.

Open the spotify app and click on ‘your wrapped is here’. If you have the app already it will open your 2021 wrapped straight away, if you don't then simply download it. However, if you’ve missed your story for this year’s spotify wrapped, here’s how you can find it.



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