How To Paint A Galaxy With Watercolor

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Stop brushing and start tapping. Pointing your toothbrush at your paper, drag your thumb firmly across the bristles of the toothbrush to flick a fine mist of white paint onto your watercolor galaxy.

Watercolor Galaxy Watercolor Galaxy Canvas Art Watercolor Paintings For Beginners

At least 300gsm or higher.

How to paint a galaxy with watercolor. Peel the tape off to reveal pretty galaxy watercolor bookmarks! Mix the white watercolor with water and then tap the brush above the painting or stroke the brush on the pencil to spray. Watercolor galaxy stars white gouache was used to splatter some stars on the background.

To create more depth, flick some on while your watercolor background is wet. Paint cobalt blue into parts of the outer area of the painting. This will help create texture in the paint that gives it a galaxy vibe.

Put artists masking tape around the edge of your watercolor page. They are actually very beginner friendly, and do. If you don’t, here are some of my recommendations:

Print the circle/satellite template and cut it out. Rub off the salt once dried. Mix together different shades of blue to make your watercolor galaxy look vibrant.

Do you have your supplies ready yet? After i removed the masking film. Upload photos of your finished painting to the class project section.

Then grab some rubbing alcohol and sprinkle it on the wet paint as well. Choose whatever colors you like and feel free to follow along with me as you paint! Check out our diy watercolors recipe!

Paint a wash of dioxazine purple to define a loose shape of where the lightest area of the watercolor galaxy will be. Liquid watercolours (optional, but i love the radiant colours!) watercolour round paint brushes (you can start with a #4 or #6) paint palette; Paint all over with the watercolors, and then sprinkle with salt liberally while the watercolor is still wet.

Want to make your own paint? How to paint a watercolour galaxy | tutorial (updated) by studio of m.m. Good quality 100% cotton watercolour paper such as arches.

With the black watercolor, add some shadows here and there around the border. The palette i used features plenty of strong blues and reds but feel free to go crazy and experiment. One of the great things about painting these abstract galaxy and starscapes is that almost any colours will work.

Let the water dry to the point is at a damp stage. 12262020 simply remove the ink spray nozzle knock off the excess ink in the trash bin and flick it on your card. Watercolour supplies needed for galaxy painting.

Simply remove the ink spray nozzle, knock off the excess ink in the trash bin, and flick it on your card. Just add a little water to your paint, load some on your brush, and tap the brush against your finger to splatter it onto your background. These drops will feather out and blend into the background.

Paint your own watercolor galaxy using the techniques shown in class. I think if you are an artist or interested in becoming one then it is one of very cool things that you can paint in watercolor. While the galaxy watercolor initial is still wet, grab some table salt and sparingly sprinkle some onto the wet paint.

Apply a light layer (or wash) of water to the paper and then add some blobs of blue and purple watercolor paint. Galaxies, northern lights and night skies are so inspirational. Tape down and add glue pen details

Go wild with this step and have fun!

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