How To Measure Countertops For Laminate

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Select your counter top below and input your measurements: When measuring this layout, you must first verify that your corner is a 90° angle.

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Measure the dimensions of the existing countertop:

How to measure countertops for laminate. ÷ 144 = total square feet: Measure this twice, just to make sure it’s accurate! 2), then put end of tape in left corner with tip touching wall and measure to pencil line (fig.

Same size as a in this case, so 1562.5”. While you are measuring the countertops, you should always measure the wall where the countertop will sit up against for getting the most accurate measurements. If you have an inside corner, add 4 sq.

Rules for figuring countertop overhang to be added to cabinet measurements: 2.include the spaces for your sink, cooktop, bar sink, etc. Measure the width of your existing countertops in inches.

Run the measuring tape from the back of the countertop to its finished front edge. You can never be too exact when it comes to measuring for a kitchen countertop. 3), write down this measurement and add 24.

5.write down the length in the appropriate space on your drawing. Use a measuring tape to measure the width of each section of countertop. For example, say the length of the countertop is 108” and the depth of the standard countertop (on a 24” deep cabinet) is 25 ½”;

A a b b c c. Your new laminate kitchen countertops will need to clear any your new laminate counter will need to remain below outlets, window trim and. Frame less cabinets (also called european cabinets) have no overhang on the side.

At the places where the countertop does not butt up to a wall or an appliance, add an extra 1″ to the total length of the countertop for the overhang on the exposed edges. For a countertop end that is open and capped, allow 1 overhang. A b e c d a b.

Measure the top of the kitchen cabinetry with a measuring tape. Measure depth, from wall or back of counter to front for each section as well. After you have drawn a diagram of the area, you need to get the dimensions.

Measure each countertop section and record the length and depth dimensions of the sections (in inches, rounded to the nearest inch). Make sure that you get the dimension down to the lowest increment that you can. For a countertop that butts to an appliance, allow 1/8 to ¼ overhang.

If countertop butts into a wall, put end of tape up against wall and take measurement on exposed end. Number of counter top(s) needed: Compute the area of each section.

Round the measurement to the nearest 1 ⁄ 8 inch (0.32 cm) and record this measurement on your diagram or a separate sheet of paper. 125” x 25” = 3125”. 3.indicate where there are walls in the space (if possible).

Measure length from end of counter to wall or point where next section of countertop begins. Measure to the nearest 1/8″. 108” x 25.5” = 2,754 (divide this number by 144) 2,754/144 = 19.12 sq ft.

How to calculate square feet from the measurement in inches. 34 inches and 43 inches on the tape get inverted all the time, even by the best craftspeople. 62.5” x 25” = 1562.5”.

Take your tape measure and stretch it out across the surface of the countertop. You just take the length x width of each section, and add it together. To determine the length of each countertop section, measure along the wall directly behind the existing countertop or new cabinet.

That’s sage advice, especially when measuring for countertops and backsplashes. Countertop sections length” x depth” = area 1 x = 2 x = 3 x = 4 x = 5 x = 6 x = 7 x = 8 x = total square inches: 1.draw a diagram of your countertop space on the paper.

•tape measure • pen • paper • calculator. There are standard measurements or sizes used across the cabinet and countertop industry. It’s so easy to make a mistake or invert numbers from a tape measure.

Use the tape measure to measure each section of countertop in inches. Enter the area for each letter (a, b, c). Write down the length of each segment as you measure them.

Please note that granite countertops have a 1 ½” standard over hang. Measure the length of the countertop along its back edge (commonly, this is the edge that is against the wall or backsplash). Measure the depth of the countertops from the wall, but keep in mind, the standard countertop depth is usually 25.5 inches for a granite countertop;

Start at one end and measure each straight segment of countertop. Take measurements along the wall. How to measure laminate countertop.

If a countertop butts into a wall put end of tape up against wall and take measurement on exposed end. 4.measure the countertop length from wall to wall (in inches). If measuring between walls place end of tape in right corner with tip touching wall, measure out 24 and put pencil mark on wall (fig.

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