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Sew the folds down to finish the armhole hems. The cut, raw edges of the flag are now enclosed inside the double folds.

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Repeat this triangular folding until only a small strip of the star field shows.

How to fold a flag uk. As far as ensign go, i saw a very similar thing (in print form) for the nz flag. Tuck this strip into the triangle. Premature wear can be avoided however, and flag life extended dramatically with a little care, if the following recommendations are followed:

An alternative british tradition for flag raising is to hoist the flag while still rolled up and tied with a thin piece of cotton or a slip knot. Be sure to keep the flag from touching the ground while folding. The flag is folded in half lengthwise, so it should like a long rectangle.

Continue to make triangular folds along the entire length of the flag. Right before i finish topstitching over one flag, open up the tape and insert the next flag. Bring the striped corner of the folded edge to meet the open (top) edge of the flag.

1fold the last / 3. I found this on flag institute it's in relation to funerals so may not be appropriate. Collect each top corner together to fold half again.

They should gently pull the cord to unfurl (unroll) the flag. Fold the flag in half lengthwise. The union flag or the flag of england, scotland or wales) should be raised first and lowered last, unless all the flags can be raised and lowered simultaneously.

Fold in half again 3. (for a 4m (12 ft) flag or longer, 2 folds will be necessary.) b. How to fold a flag uk.

Starting about 4″ away from the end of the tape (or any distance you like), open up the fold and insert your first pennant, closing the top layer of the bias tape. Raise and lower the union flag on an appropriate flagpole, as described by the local government permits. This wasn't in relation to a funeral.

Fold it in half again, so that the blue field is on the outside on both the upper and lower sides. Bring the bottom horizontal edge to the top and align the edges. Beginning at the striped end, fold one corner into the opposite side of the flag, forming a triangle.

Both participants should fold the bottom edge of the flag under so that it meets with the top edge. Exposure to the elements (wind, rain, pollutants, and u.v. There are no laws pertaining to the folding or unfurling of the union flag of britain.

Verify that the blue field is on the outside of the bottom edge. The uk’s flag shape of 3:5 works well with nearly all other Fold the lower, striped section of the flag over the blue field.

Fold down the excess fabric above the arm hole lines by 1/2 inch, then fold the edge again by 1/2 inch. The flagpole version is usually rolled up and stored in a tube. The flag is now ready for breaking.

British flag protocol flags should be raised briskly and lowered ceremoniously. The union flag or the flag of england, scotland or wales) should be raised first and lowered last, unless all the flags can be raised and lowered simultaneously. The senior british national flag (eg.

One person should walk out and around the horseshoe until they reach the flag. A sharp tug of the halyard will break the cotton and release the flag to fly free. Fold the flag into quarters.

Handle a union flag of britain with care, as the care of national symbols should be a requirement of handling a flag of any nation. The center stripe extending from one side to the other should now be halved and at the new bottom, folded edge. Flags should be raised and lowered in a dignified manner.

Hold the flag from the short, striped end at each corner. Folding a flag for breaking. Ment from top to bottom) and should fly from a separate flagpole of the.

With your left hand on the folded end, fold the flag lengthwise again. Neaten up any of the edges. It is then to be folded to half its length.

1 x 7 fold acca, 7 x 6 fold acca, 21 x 5 fold acca, 35 x 4 fold acca, 35 trebles, 21 doubles, 21 ssa pairs so in the above example, the addition of the ‘flag’ any to come element to the super heinz bet, has no impact on the number of selections, just the volume of bets with the addition of ssa pairs. The bottom and top edges should be evenly aligned. Fold the flag in half, so that the blue field is on the lower side.

Fold the flag in half lengthwise. Roll towards the heading 5. The ensign is first to be folded along its length.

Tie with light cotton 6. How to fold an american flag. The nco is then to fold the flag (see para 5).

Present the union flag vertically and roll the flag evenly to result in a circumference of 1 inch to 4 inches and at a length that fits the tube container recommended by the royal navy as a. 1fold the last / 3. They should secure the flag at the top of the flagpole, by securing the cord on the cleat hook using a cleat hitch.

The senior british national flag (eg. How to fold a flag by yourself step 1. They should then return to where they were standing.

Bring your left hand to your right, folding the flag in half lengthwise. Fold over the folded bottom edge to meet. I just got a french flag to match my grandfather's us american burial flag (he was a french american veteran) and was wondering the correct way to fold it.

This folding is to be repeated twice more, so that the ensign is finally folded in 8 folds with the top hoist (ie. Bring to the machine and topstitch over the bias tape and pennant flag. This is for the long navy version of the flag which is twice as long as it is wide.

Flags should be raised and lowered in a dignified manner.

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