How To Cleanse Crystals In Sunlight

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Soaking crystals in salt water. How to cleanse crystals & gemstones.

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Due to the suns bright light, the crystals get the energy very well.

How to cleanse crystals in sunlight. Sunlight cleansing is a great way to get rid of stale energy your crystal might be holding onto. They never need cleansing themselves and can provide a cleansing platform for crystals that need refreshing. You may hold the crystal underwater (pure spring or a river/ocean is most ideal, but we make due!) visualize the water washing over the crystal taking away any disruptions to its natural state;

A great way to give a sunlight bath is to place them in a windowseal for a good 4 hours or so, the best time frame is going to be. The charging of the entire energy of the stone is based on the cleansing process. You just light the smudge stick and pass the crystals over the smoke for around 30 seconds while setting an intention to remove negative energy and cleanse the crystal.

That way, they’ll get a cleansing dose of both sunlight and moonlight. There are many ways to cleanse crystals, some crystals prefer charging in the sun, others the moon. This is a great option for cleansing many crystals at once or for cleansing a crystal grid without the need to rebuild that grid.

Normally sea salt purifies the negative energy to positive. Leave them overnight or as long as you deem necessary. Just place your crystals on top or right next to the quartz or selenite so they are touching in some way.

The most powerful self cleaning crystals are clear quartz and selenite. Continue the moonlight or sunlight cleansing for three days. Use sea salt and lightly brush it over the stone using the water to cleanse the salt away *note not all crystals can withstand water.

This can be done with any crystal although i find that its best to use this in combination with another method such as placing them on the grass in the sunlight for a few hours. Another option is to simply sit for a short period of time in the sun and hold your crystals. This process improves the charge of the crystal.

The bright sunlight and the seawater are the best combination for cleansing the crystals. It is important that you always cleanse your crystals and gemstones before attempting to use them. Allow the stones to soak over night if possible.

Take a glass bowl add sea salt, how much depends on how many stones you are cleaning and how big the bowl is, for a quart size bowl 1 tablespoon is sufficeint. Some crystals respond better to moonlight, but it may be difficult to be certain of this without testing each method and evaluating the results. This option is best for use with delicate crystals and gemstones that cannot handle the harsh sunlight or water exposure.

Meditate in the garden or a park with a crystal held in your hands. If left with no other alternatives, you can always use a representation of the. For best results, cleanse your crystals during a full moon light or during a cloudless day.

Sunlight baths is an extremly activating force to kick start your crystals when you first bring them into your space. Place the crystals in the sun for a few hours or all day. Recharge your crystals using this process once a month.

There are many ways to clear a stone. Basking in the direct sunlight all day is just as powerfully cleansing for your crystals as is soaking up the moonlight all night, so do whatever feels right or.

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